Create a Neopoprealist Art Work

NeoPopRealism is a style of art that aims to combine the simplicity of modern pop art with the philosophical depth of realism. This style of art does have its “rules,” but it is largely focused on creating artwork that is unique to the individual. To create a NeoPopRealism art work, learn about the style, practice it, and then work on a simple project until you are ready to create work that stems purely from your own imagination.

  1. Doodle on a piece of paper. You don’t have to feel very familiar with the style to begin practicing. Take out a blank piece of paper and a pencil. Begin to doodle. Don’t think about what you’re doodling. Right now, the goal is to open up your mind and forget restrictions. It’s not important if your doodle resembles other NeoPopRealist works for now.
  2. Create a sketch after you’ve doodled for a while. Once you’ve created several doodles, create a sketch. Basically, you should use the lines to create the shape and sections. Then, fill the sections with different patterns and ornaments. If you can’t think of what to draw, draw a line that resembles the profile of a face. Then, draw the basic features of that face with loose lines and shapes.
  3. Use a pen to draw your sketch. Nadia Russ recommends using a pen to draw in this style so that you can’t erase what you’ve created. After creating a sketch, take out another piece of paper. Use a pen to draw what you’ve sketched. It’s okay if the drawing looks different from what you’ve sketched or if you make mistakes. Do not give up until you feel the drawing is complete.
  4. Draw several patterns. You can dive into creating the egg if you’d like, but it’s okay to start by generating ideas by drawing patterns. Take out a piece of paper and a pencil. Fill the paper with several separate and unique patterns. You can use the patterns to fill in your egg when you’re ready.
  5. Draw an egg shape on paper. Once you’ve come up with some patterns, draw the shape of an egg on a piece of paper. You should only draw the basic outline, and the inside of the “egg” should be empty. It’s okay if the shape isn’t perfect, but you can redraw it if you aren’t happy with the first shape.
  6. Fill the egg with lines and patterns. Now, fill the egg with several different, unique patterns by using a pen. You can put some thought into this or do it entirely without putting conscious effort into what you’re drawing. If you want some structure, section your egg off by drawing several lines so that you create “spaces” for your patterns. Then, fill those spaces with patterns like the ones you practiced. Don’t stop until the entire egg has been filled—unless you want to leave white space.
  7. Paint your pattern onto a wooden egg. Your artwork can be finished when you complete the egg on paper, or you can use that egg as a base for a wooden egg. If so, take a wooden egg and acrylic paint in the colors of your choice. Use a thin paintbrush to paint patterns all over the wooden egg. Wait a few minutes for the paint to dry and then finish by spraying it with a clear varnish.